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Third Watch Book Exchange

About Recent Entries

Welcome! Dec. 16th, 2004 @ 03:07 pm
This community's sole purpose is to brighten the world of it's Third Watch loving members with books. Whether they be tales of sweeping romance or harrowing adventures, bloody murders or crime solving duos there will always be something to appeal to someone's taste.

Here's how it works. If you have a book you no longer want and wish to pass it along then place a post in this community along with an amazon.com or other online bookseller link that contains detailed information about the book. If another member is interested in reading it, it is up to he/she to place a comment to the corresponding post indicating such and it will be up to that person and the "owner" to work out any other pertinent details regarding shipment.

Also, if you are advertising a book and wish to have it returned to you then please note that it is up to you to indicate as such to the person wanting to read it. If you do not do so then you forfeit all claims to the book at time of shipping.

If more than one person desires to read a particular book then the first person to respond shall read it first. It is then up to that person to make arrangements to have it shipped to the next person in the que wanting to read the book. If only one person desires a certain book and the "owner" does not want it returned to him/her then it is the responsibility of the "new owner" to see that it goes to a good home, whether that be themselves or friend/family memeber.

Happy reading!
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